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Colossal, the big idea.

Colossal started out as a small project for Jake Anderson, it was a way for him to express himself putting two basic elements together, simplicity and art. Throughout the existence of Colossal, it has collaborated with many underground rap artist such as Bones and Eddy Baker. Colossal products have been featured in mixtape and album covers and has started a roaring trend online.

Jake Anderson

Jake Anderson also know under the sobriquet of iced or icedjake is a teen streetwear label designer. Jake founded the company in the earlier months of 2010, on the basis of sponsoring his friends while they travel and skate. He modelled the company around being lifted, elevated represented by the pine tree in the logo. Colossal is currently located in Jake’s home town of San Juan Capistrano.

John Errante

With nearly a decade of skating experience John Errante is the 2015 sponsored skater of Colossal Streetwear. John is featured in "The Heist" the Colossal Streetwear sponsored skate movie.

Quality and Durability

All products are designed and made in Orange County, Southern California. We are focused on quality over quantity creating products with 100% USA made materials ensuring you satisfaction. We started on the simple basis of creating a skate/ street clothing company with today's modern luxuries.

Inspired by Nature

Our company and structure was a mirror concept of integrating nature into the modern culture and streets. Taking back from whats naturally around us, designing and creating art from natures popular symbols.